She’s DEBT FREEEEEE!!!! )))
She did it!!! My mom is completely debt free. She kicked Sallie Mae to the curb!!! It took 10 years because she had a small shovel. Several moves, jobs, two surgeries and two car accidents. It rained. She also has a FFEF. She received a settlement from the last accident.
So, No kids in college and no house. I’m getting spoiled now. She’s wanted cable since she moved in. I said she should be debt free first. She hooked up the cable Wednesday. No I didn’t jump on the couch the minute I got home, but I stayed up too late watching it after I got my two year old down. The awesome thing is that we bundled the internet with it. We are going half on the bill. We are ditching the landline. Bye bye awful CenturyLink. I think our internet went down at least once a day. I’m not excited about comcast, but those are the only choices in our apartment. Anyway. 80 dollar internet/phone bill is going from $80 to $45. Now it’s internet/cable for half the cost.
On the ID Theft they got a line of credit (bad history!) up to $2,500 at Paying off long term installment loans will do that I guess. Anyway, another account closed and another packet of papers to fill out.

Sigh… 🙂