Envelopes & Work

Well the good news is DH found a job “in Texas.” His last day at his job in California was today and leaves for Kansas Sunday (new company HQ) for two weeks of training. He left today with a significantly larger check than we had hoped for, almost the same as his normal check. This is a huge relief as we were literally out of money.

The other good news is I obtained a child care job. Its in Dallas but it is 10 hours a day and only two days back to back which is what I was hoping for. It’s cash and paid every week. I have a “training day” Monday then start the week after that.

The only bad news is DH won’t get a check from his new job until the 15th, so the money we have now will have to last until then and that includes setting aside money for him to live on in Kansas since we are not sure what they will be covering, as well as setting aside money for rent which is (thankfully) due on the 12th.

My real question is this: we always seemed to do so well when we used cash like when our ATM cards were lost. The problem I see now is lack of familiarity on costs. I “think” we can get by on $100 a week for gas for both cars, but I’m not sure. I “think” it’s going to cost at least $150 a week for food until I get the stockpile here or replenished and that’s if I’m careful.

What do you do if you are wrong during the month? I’m going to use my child care money to be re-establish a BEF, but being wrong on just gas and food ($1000 expense for the month) could eat that up quickly. I’ve never really had the problem before of X dollars was IT for the time period because I always had extra kid jobs pop up or a year’s worth of food storage to fall back on, neither of which are options.

Right now I’m going to fund gas and groceries and not spend anything else and hope DH doesn’t either.