De clutering

I believe someone here suggested a book on de-cluttering by Marie Kondo(The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). It’s pretty interesting, actually. Have any of you gone through all her steps?
I’d be curious to hear your impressions of the process. One thing that keeps getting me is the question she wants you to ask about each item when you pick it up – “Does this spark joy?” I’ve discovered that I have very FEW items that ‘spark joy’ I have a lot of things that are functional, and even things that are fun. But ‘spark joy?”
Not so much.
I’m also stuck on her ideas on books. She says if you have books that you intend to read but haven’t yet, you should get rd of them (its purpose was to teach you you didn’t need it). She even says that for books that you’ve started and haven’t finished(it’s purpose was to be read halfway). To me that just seems…wasteful…