Envelopes & Work

Well the good news is DH found a job “in Texas.” His last day at his job in California was today and leaves for Kansas Sunday (new company HQ) for two weeks of training. He left today with a significantly larger check than we had hoped for, almost the same as his normal check. This is a huge relief as we were literally out of money.

The other good news is I obtained a child care job. Its in Dallas but it is 10 hours a day and only two days back to back which is what I was hoping for. It’s cash and paid every week. I have a “training day” Monday then start the week after that.

The only bad news is DH won’t get a check from his new job until the 15th, so the money we have now will have to last until then and that includes setting aside money for him to live on in Kansas since we are not sure what they will be covering, as well as setting aside money for rent which is (thankfully) due on the 12th.

My real question is this: we always seemed to do so well when we used cash like when our ATM cards were lost. The problem I see now is lack of familiarity on costs. I “think” we can get by on $100 a week for gas for both cars, but I’m not sure. I “think” it’s going to cost at least $150 a week for food until I get the stockpile here or replenished and that’s if I’m careful.

What do you do if you are wrong during the month? I’m going to use my child care money to be re-establish a BEF, but being wrong on just gas and food ($1000 expense for the month) could eat that up quickly. I’ve never really had the problem before of X dollars was IT for the time period because I always had extra kid jobs pop up or a year’s worth of food storage to fall back on, neither of which are options.

Right now I’m going to fund gas and groceries and not spend anything else and hope DH doesn’t either.

Sorry for the confusion

I changed subjects.
My mom paid off her loans.
I’m the one dealing with ID Theft. The only accounts on my file that are mine are my student loans that I paid off 4 years ago.
$21,000 of credit offered. I got things frozen and they did about $7,000 worth of damage.
Either way I’m not paying it. I have ID theft insurance with my renters insurance. They will pay if the collectors think I’m responsible for the debt. I’m not and I’m not paying it. I don’t think AAA should pay it either.


She’s DEBT FREEEEEE!!!! )))
She did it!!! My mom is completely debt free. She kicked Sallie Mae to the curb!!! It took 10 years because she had a small shovel. Several moves, jobs, two surgeries and two car accidents. It rained. She also has a FFEF. She received a settlement from the last accident.
So, No kids in college and no house. I’m getting spoiled now. She’s wanted cable since she moved in. I said she should be debt free first. She hooked up the cable Wednesday. No I didn’t jump on the couch the minute I got home, but I stayed up too late watching it after I got my two year old down. The awesome thing is that we bundled the internet with it. We are going half on the bill. We are ditching the landline. Bye bye awful CenturyLink. I think our internet went down at least once a day. I’m not excited about comcast, but those are the only choices in our apartment. Anyway. 80 dollar internet/phone bill is going from $80 to $45. Now it’s internet/cable for half the cost.
On the ID Theft they got a line of credit (bad history!) up to $2,500 at Extloans.com. Paying off long term installment loans will do that I guess. Anyway, another account closed and another packet of papers to fill out.

Sigh… 🙂

Blessings to everyone

I’ve told my children and grand children at every opportunity that everything has a price that must be paid. No matter what it is that you receive, you receive it because someone paid the price for it. It starts with our parents, then on to siblings, extended family, friends and so on. And in my case for my salvation.

My point is, if you didn’t pay something in the form of money, goods or effort for what you received, then it is a gift that was paid for by someone else.

This puts all possessions in proper perspective.


This is an addicting show (I am able to stream for free through my cable company). My kids (teens) watched a few episodes with me and they have a better head on their shoulders than any guest so far. CRAZY! The thing that REALLY bugs me is that this is how people live today and then they turn around and expect college to be free and their mortgage to be forgiven, etc.

Makes me want to scream.

Life or Debt is on Spike

One thing the advisor tried to do was get them to come up quick cash by selling stuff.. vehicles, mink coat, Louie Vuitton bags/shoes/etc. They were like 20+ payments behind on their mortgage but leasing stuff, buying a time share, buying luxury clothes like I mentioned at $100’s to $1,000’s per piece, etc. It was unbelievable. The advisor attempted to talk to the bank about modifying the mortgage but the guy had not turned in the proper required paperwork such as pay stubs, tax returns, and more. None of it. Even after the advisor asked for it so he could talk to the the bank, the guy was slacking. The couple was left a 90 plan to work with a scheduled follow up at the end of 90 days. Oh, almost forgot the advisor thought it was so dire he brought in a bankruptcy lawyer but I got the idea this was not normally done. The advisor and the lawyer went to their house at the end of 90 days and they had basically abandoned the house. According to the bankruptcy they had to live in it but clearly they were not. They rented a house at something like $2200/month+it’s utilities, etc. Their advisor and the lawyer washed their hands of the couple and left them to their own demise. 🙁

I find it’s not really surprising

So many Americans are into immediate gratification and practice no delayed gratification. To me that is the first, and most often repeated, step to financial disaster. You live the moment on a day to day basis, not worrying about where $$ will come from for an unexpected bill, give no thought as to what you’d do if unemployment showed up at your door, etc. etc. Most people are just one missed paycheck away from extreme disaster. JMHO

This reminds me …. has any one seen that show Life or Debt? I saw an episode for the first time over the weekend. The couple was totally oblivious to reality, had an unreal case of denial and could not talk facts about what they earned vs. what their bills were. They guys on the show that were there to help seemed like they had good ideas but just could not get through to them.

One of her premises is

that you can’t declutter a little bit at a time, because you don’t get the full impact and it doesn’t STAY decluttered. She has her clients get EVERY piece of whatever they’re working on(clothes, tools, books, etc.) in one place at one time. I did my clothing that way, and was able to get rid of SEVERAL bags to donate. And my closets and drawers STILL have plenty of room in them. So that part was successful. The books are getting there, but there are several that I still want to read first. I just have to make the time to DO so, instead of staying on my computer in the evenings.

De clutering

I believe someone here suggested a book on de-cluttering by Marie Kondo(The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). It’s pretty interesting, actually. Have any of you gone through all her steps?
I’d be curious to hear your impressions of the process. One thing that keeps getting me is the question she wants you to ask about each item when you pick it up – “Does this spark joy?” I’ve discovered that I have very FEW items that ‘spark joy’ I have a lot of things that are functional, and even things that are fun. But ‘spark joy?”
Not so much.
I’m also stuck on her ideas on books. She says if you have books that you intend to read but haven’t yet, you should get rd of them (its purpose was to teach you you didn’t need it). She even says that for books that you’ve started and haven’t finished(it’s purpose was to be read halfway). To me that just seems…wasteful…

Sad all the way around

I just found out that a friend that has a small café in Baltimore is going to go cashless….5 robberies in 4 months…they do have a suspect in custody. He’s increased security each time, but is afraid that someone may get hurt, there have been customers and employees in the café during each of the robberies.
He did say that he would try to do gift cards for those that don’t use credit cards. He feels that would be a better system.