Blessings to everyone

I’ve told my children and grand children at every opportunity that everything has a price that must be paid. No matter what it is that you receive, you receive it because someone paid the price for it. It starts with our parents, then on to siblings, extended family, friends and so on. And in my case for my salvation.

My point is, if you didn’t pay something in the form of money, goods or effort for what you received, then it is a gift that was paid for by someone else.

This puts all possessions in proper perspective.


This is an addicting show (I am able to stream for free through my cable company). My kids (teens) watched a few episodes with me and they have a better head on their shoulders than any guest so far. CRAZY! The thing that REALLY bugs me is that this is how people live today and then they turn around and expect college to be free and their mortgage to be forgiven, etc.

Makes me want to scream.

Life or Debt is on Spike

One thing the advisor tried to do was get them to come up quick cash by selling stuff.. vehicles, mink coat, Louie Vuitton bags/shoes/etc. They were like 20+ payments behind on their mortgage but leasing stuff, buying a time share, buying luxury clothes like I mentioned at $100’s to $1,000’s per piece, etc. It was unbelievable. The advisor attempted to talk to the bank about modifying the mortgage but the guy had not turned in the proper required paperwork such as pay stubs, tax returns, and more. None of it. Even after the advisor asked for it so he could talk to the the bank, the guy was slacking. The couple was left a 90 plan to work with a scheduled follow up at the end of 90 days. Oh, almost forgot the advisor thought it was so dire he brought in a bankruptcy lawyer but I got the idea this was not normally done. The advisor and the lawyer went to their house at the end of 90 days and they had basically abandoned the house. According to the bankruptcy they had to live in it but clearly they were not. They rented a house at something like $2200/month+it’s utilities, etc. Their advisor and the lawyer washed their hands of the couple and left them to their own demise. 🙁